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Discover the lost treasures of Mechanus through a rigid application of logic. When the keys to Mechanus are unlocked, so too are the keys of the multiverse.

The Mathematicians are a splinter group of the Guvners, a group that's drawn even more strongly than the Fraternity of Order to the gears of Mechanus. They believe that anything a body can imagine in Mechanus exists in some form, perhaps on a far-off cog of the plane, and they're looking for the way to find it. They work from the logic, symbolism, and a math that makes the calculus of astronomers seem childishly simple. Mathematicians aren't foolish enough to believe that everything someone imagines can be found in that exact form, but they are sure that there are treasures undreamed of hidden away on the far cogs of Mechanus.

They're not wild dreamers, nor are they greedy berks blinded by the light of gold. They're serious thinkers convinced they can discover the secrets of the multiverse through hard thinking and calculation. Sect members only leave Mechanus if they're on the trail of some esoteric bit of knowledge that relates to the gears.

Allies and Enemies

The Mathematicians are loosely allied with the Guvners, Hardheads, and the Mercykillers. Anyone with a free spirit or a hatred of the chains of logic is naturally against them.