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It's a common saying that the more a body learns, the more questions he has. Learning is simply a process of discovering how little a berk really knows. As soon as a cutter thinks he's learned the dark of it, a new bit of information comes along and proves him wrong.

And so the Converts admit they don't have all the answers, and "sample" faction philosophies in search of the truth. A convert joins a faction believing he's found the answer. While he belongs, he believes with all the passion of a fanatic. But when he comes to see the limitations of its philosophy, he searches out a new ideology to replace the old one.

The Converts are strongest in Limbo, where nothing is for certain. The group is also well suited to the Outlands. The sect has no true allies or enemies, though members of a Convert's chosen faction may disapprove of the Chameleon once they realize his true nature.