Aerin Grey

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Aerin Grey
Female Human
Player: Penegal
General Information
Full Name: Aerin Grey
Nicknames: 'Blue'
Age: 23
Deity: Unknown
Occupation: Planar Guide, Translator
Faction/Rank: N/A
Place of Birth: Sigil
Physical Attributes
Height: 5'7
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Graphite
Hair: Black
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Slender
Physical Features: See Images
Locks, Traps, Languages, Portals
Equipment and Items
Rogue tools, Longbow, Knives, Enchanted Lantern, 'Goggles of Gender Determination', Various books

"I wanted to see the stars, the Multiverse, everything. I ended up seeing horrors that I wish I could forget."

Aerin's Theme - Among The Stars


Aerin could easily be described as a free spirit of sorts, never one to be ruled by the dictations of others. Adventurous, curious, and stubborn. She's the kind that would leap into the unknown either for herself or for the sake of another. At heart, the young gatecrasher is kind and giving, as well as painfully empathetic. But the years of suffering took their toll, and Aerin's sense of adventure and desire to help others is dampened with caution and bitterness. Still, despite her 'lessons learned', she wants to ease the suffering of those around her, within. Trust is certainly something that no longer comes naturally to the young woman. The past and present are almost always on her mind, despite her intent to live out the rest of her days in 'normalcy'. She is very sensitive about both the finer days of her past, and the darkest hours of her life.


Standing at five feet and seven inches, with a healthy weight and average build, she is something between willowy and full figured. There's obviously not much in the way of physical strength about her, but it seems fitting for a woman of her talents. Acrobatic and nimble enough, Aerin is probably less of a fighter and more of an infiltrator. She is fairly pale, directly in contrast with her ebony hair. Aerin often wears her long hair down with a blue ribbon binding a portion near the bottom. Her pupils are something subtly unnatural, tones from graphite to utter black around the outer ring. Otherwise, Aerin seems completely ordinary and human within the City of Doors. With feminine and undressed facial features, Aerin might be considered pretty to some, though she neither flaunts nor seems to bother trying to enhance them. Her attitude and her expressions seem all too innocent for her features. Despite her best efforts, Aerin still has difficulty hiding the emotions that bleed through her expressions.


-She was a member of the Styx Silhouette
-She was close to her former crew members, Balthazar De'Medici and Alec
-She and her fellow crew are the subject of stories and legend in The Hillard's Bay
-She's the lover of Vincent Vale, 'The Godless Swordsman'
-She owns and runs The Ubiquitous Wayfarer with Vincent Vale
-She once cracked the safe in The Night Market
-She's an adept Gatecrasher and has been all over the Multiverse
-She was the catalyst for some small Hiver conflict, resulting in large bounties between both sides
-She was missing for a year, held captive by a cult
-A notable Raksasha, Rh'kan, openly referred to her as 'Princespawn'