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General Info - What is Sigil: Planar Legends?

Sigil: Planar Legends (or SPL) is a Neverwinter Nights persistent world (online server) meant to offer a unique and diverse role playing experience in an environment in which the players can affect real change on the world. NWN was launched with the tools that Bioware used to create the game itself, the Aurora engine. Using this engine teams have been able to create worlds, races, classes, etc. in an effort to basically forge their own RP settings. The second tool Bioware gave to the community is the Dungeon Master client, the DM client as it were. The DM client allows those in charge of a PW to basically act as gods, to change the world, spawn entities (and possess them), to basically do anything that might be done. Between these two tools NWN offers a truly amazing ability to facilitate RP in such a way that no other video game can hope to achieve.

The setting of SPL is an older Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting known as Planescape, in which characters stand side by side with the deities, fiends, and the stranger beings of the more standard D&D campaign settings. The focal point of SPL is the city of Sigil, the metropolitan center of the D&D universe, and it is believed that from there characters will be able to scheme or consort with all manner of entities as they strive to leave a lasting mark on the planes themselves. No matter your character's goal (from leading nations, to even becoming a deity) there is nothing that should be outside the realm of the possible when dealing with the Planescape setting.

So whether you're an old NWN hand, or a newbie interested in what NWN and SPL can offer please come and take a look. We'd love to see you.

Sources - Where can I learn about Planescape?

There should be plenty of information about Planescape throughout this Wiki.

Otherwise Planewalker is a great resource site. Info on Factions and more Factions, Sigil Cant, The Outer Planes, and this for some fun.

Hak Packs - Are there any custom HAK packs?

Neverwinter Nights modules require files called HAKs in order to run any custom content. SPL uses a ton of custom content. Files with the .hak postfix go into the HAK folder in your NWN directory, anything called .TLK goes into the TLK folder. If you see no TLK folder, create one.

Click here to reach the forum post, where you can download our custom files.

Direct Connect - How can I access the server?

You can direct connect to us using: sigil.planarlegends.com or

Instructions on how to direct connect, for example how to jump straight into the server from your desktop icon, can be found here.

Level limit - What is the character level limit?

The soft limit is level level 20, the hard limit is level 30.

Ascension - How does the ascension system work?

Being epic on SPL means more than just having reached the required mechanical level. We want characters that become epic to have put in a substantial amount of role play and reached certain goals in order to reach such a grand status. These goals can be met both through your own RP, having been involved in DM plots, or through requesting an optional ascension quest. The application, and more information can be found here.

A guide explaining epic character roleplay can be found Here.

We note that all excess XP is not brought over on ascension. We already feel leveling on SPL is very quick to 20, and getting epic is enough of an impact on ascension. However, it is a relative matter where things like time played, activity and achievements can be taken into consideration.

Character Transfers - I used to play on Gatecrashers! Can my character be transferred?

Unfortunately not. Gatecrashers was hosted and managed by a different team and SPL's staff do not have access to the vault. Additionally, policies on items have changed and even if they could be retrieved old characters might not be compatible. While there is no rule against re-creating an old character, they will not be given any special consideration and will need to start like any other new character; players are encouraged to create fresh characters for SPL.

XP System - How does the XP system work?

We are in the midst of modifying the XP system. The current system, however, works like this:

Monster Kill XP

Though SPL uses an entirely custom XP system, this is fairly straightforward. XP gain is calculated based on a set number of encounters per level, and adjusted based on the difference in respective levels--the player character's hit dice versus the monster's challenge rating. A PC can have a maximum of 6 HD more or fewer than a monster has CR (levels, basically) before they no longer get XP. The maximum amount of XP that can be earned per kill is 50.

ECL or LA is added to the player character's level for the purpose of calculating XP. For example, a level 10 Aasimarr (ECL +1) is considered to be level 11 during XP calculations.

Party size and composition do not alter XP gains. There can be as many characters of as many varying levels in a party as desired.

Automatic Role Play XP

For as long as a player is role playing (moving and/or talking), roughly every fifteen minutes (there is some small, intentionally random variance), an amount of XP is granted. This amount scales according to level: 50 levels seven through fifteen, 75 from sixteen through twenty, and one hundred from level twenty-one and up.

ECL reduces XP granted by this system, by ten percent per point of ECL. For example, a drow character (ECL 2) gets 80% of the normal XP.

Time - How does time work here?

Next to impossible to have a good ruling on time when you deal with so many planes and worlds. Time in planescape is very relative. As far as for Sigil, we are going with real time, meaning 1 hour in game is 1 hour in real life.

For mechanics(spells), one in game hour is 15 minutes, while 1 turn is 1 minute.

Widgets - How do I use dicebags/emotes/AFK widges, ect?

We have a dice bag option and an emotes option in the radial menu under special abilities, and base class. We recommend you add both to your quick bar for easy access. Some emotes can also be accessed via simple text commands (for example, typing /sit will make your character sit). A list of text commands can be found by typing /help.

To get to the AFK Lounge, you simply type /afk in the talk chat. Languages are still used through widgets and tokens are still given for racial/special abilities where applicable.

Touching - I bump into people a lot. Can this be turned off?

Yes, it can. Open your emotes option, choose 2 (Extended Emote Functions by Ravish), then 4 (Turn touching on).

Bind points - I heard I can respawn at a bind point, how do I do that?

Bind points can be found around the world, and is more often represented by interactive placeables in an inn or similar.

If you type /respawn you can toggle where you respawn: Either your bind point or where you last fell in battle.

Grammar - Are there any rules on grammar and RP language?

We realize that not everyone is on equal level when it comes to grammar and writing language, but we encourage complete sentences and use of punctuation and capital letters. So called l33t speak, smiley faces and similar does not belong on a serious RP server.

Out of character (OOC) chatting should always be kept at a minimum to avoid interrupting other people's RP. If you want to say something out of character, please do so with either "OOC" "(( ))" "//" or similar signs in front what you are saying, to make bystanders aware that you are not speaking in character.

Languages - What are they and how do I request languages?

You will need to ask a DM to give you any languages. The natural modifier of intelligence equals the number of languages you receive at level 1 (not including any racial language); each rank put into the Speak Language skill grants an additional language. Note the modifier on the skill will not gain you additional languages.

The available languages are Abyssal, Animal (requires druid or ranger), Celestial, Draconic, Undercommon, Dwarf, Elven, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Infernal, Orc, Sylvan, Giant, Aquan, Auran, Githzerai, Gnoll, Ignan, Kuo-Toan, Sahuaguin, Terran, Treant, Yuan-Ti, Thieve's Cant. To use a language, right-click to activate the appropriate language and use the DM channel to say what you wish in the language framed in [ ] brackets. Example: /dm [Look, momma! I can speak devil!] - to insert regular text into languages, frame it in asterisks - /dm [Look, *Granny Goodness!* I brought you a new victim!]

GoG.com - I bought NWN from www.gog.com. Is there something I need to know?

While Good old Games is great, since the version of NWN they sell pre-installs CD keys rather than prompting for them, the key is generic and chances are if you use it to play on SPL, at some point you will see the "CD Key Already In Use" message.

In order to receive a unique key, you will need to contact GoG support. Instructions can be found Here.

Please note that since we use CD keys for authentication purposes on SPL, if you have already logged in once with the pre-installed key, you will need to have a DM clear it before logging in again. They can do this from in-game, so you can flag a DM down there, in the Skype chat room, or here on the forums.

Dungeon Master - How can I become a DM?

DM applications are currently closed. Otherwise the DM application can be found here.

Builder/Scripter - How can I become one?

Please go to this page and fill out the necessary application.

Build Module - Where can I get it?

You can download it here.

Hak Order - What's the current Hak Order?























Teleport - How does this spell work?

When you cast Teleport, you will be asked to type the place you are teleporting to. A list of commands can be found here.

Factions - Is there a list of what character belongs to what faction?

There is! It can be found here.

Children/Pregnancies - How are child characters and pregnancies treated on this server?

Neither are allowed for a number of reasons. Please see the rules for more.

Custom changes - Are there any changes to spells/feats/classes and such?

There are. We have sections both for all the spells and all the classes on the menu on the left side, or you can go to this thread to see a list of most of the changes.

Portraits - Where can I find the custom portraits people use?

An up to date portrait pack for the characters on this server can be downloaded here.

You can find the thread here. If you have a custom portrait you want to share, please post!

If you're curious about how to make portraits, go to this link.

Follow the instructions here to change your portrait in game

Combat Animations - How do they work?

Just type "/styles" in chat and follow the instructions!

Description - Can I change my character description?

Yes, you can! If you go to this thread, you can follow these instructions to change your characters description.

Lock Command - I misclick a whole lot, is there a solution?

We have a lock command in place, that locks your character in place. Simply type "/lock" to lock your character in its current position, and "/unlock" to be able to move it again.

Death - How does character death work?

First, read the rules on character death and how it should be handled here.

There is no permadeath system in place, and you can essentially respawn as many times as you want to. You will respawn at your bind point for a small penalty to gold and XP. We have this system in place so we don't inconvenience players too much, but we do expect everyone to treat death seriously from an in game perspective.

Chat Room - Do SPL have a chat room for their players?

We have a chat room on Skype! please go here for more information!

Voicesets - Is there a way to get more Voicesets to use for my character?

Sure! Install this.

Multiple CPU cores - Is there a way I can make the game run on multiple CPU cores?

There is! Open up "nwnplayer.ini" located in your Neverwinter Nights folder, and edit the line "Client CPU Affinity=0" to "Client CPU Affinity=-2"

Windows 7/8 Graphic problems - The game crashes/won't run on Windows 7 or 8

Sadly, this is a known problem. AMD stopped supporting OpenGL in their drivers a while ago, but fortunately there is a fix. Download this file and place it in your NWN folder. That should do it.

Windowed Mode - Can I run the game in Windowed Mode?

Running NWN in windowed mode is possible. Follow the instructions here

Custom GUI - Is there a way to change the GUI of the game?

There is, though it's fairly simple. If you go to this site, you can download the transparent GUI, which gives a more transparent feel to the game rather than the original black background on most things.

Chat Logging - Can I get logs of my in game chat?

Yes, you can. Follow Cold Comfort's guide here.