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First and foremost, Sigil: Planar Legends is a Role Playing Server. This means an immersive world where you live yourself into your character, their personality, their quirks, their flaws and their strengths. Role playing means you are the character, not yourself, and you see the world through their eyes, you think with their mind, you know only what they should know, and so forth.

Code of Conduct

Respect is universal; from the staff to the players, from the players to the staff, and between the players themselves. To have a working community, we need everyone to be able to respect each other like the mature and grown up people that we are. There will almost definitely be issues where we do not agree on everything, but that is no excuse to ever start drama, throw fits, or openly argue about it. People have different views, and while these can be discussed, it should always be done in civil and objective tones.

The staff of the server consists of the admin and the dungeon masters. These are the ones that run and control the server, and ultimately the ones in charge. Their word is law, and everyone should respect their decision. If this decision is preceived as wrongful or unfair, it can be taken up with another DM or directly with the Admin. It is preferred if this is done through a forum PM, though if it is a hasty matter we urge you to contact us through either Skype or in game as soon as possible. Until the matter has been handled, you should treat the issues as according to the ruling of the DM. This is not to say that the staff is always right, but they are the decision makers, and they are the ones in control of the server. To make any community work, you must have leaders and obey the rules and laws of these.

In game drama can be amazing and fun, but it is never fun if this transfers out of the game. Never harass, mistreat, or otherwise demean fellow players. We are all here to have fun, and while people can have different impressions and ideas on what constitutes good role playing, and play various characters with their own strong ideals and principles, this does not give any player the right to disrespect or belittle another. A world is filled up with many various types of personalities, and this is especially true in a place like Sigil. Keep things that are suppose to be in character, in character. If two characters dislike each other in game, this does not mean the players need to be hostile towards each other out of the game. If you ever feel things are going too far, or situations are bordering on unfair harassment, contact a DM. It is very helpful if players take screenshots of incidents where they are either harassed or bullied through either the game client or in other instances.

Creating false rumors or trying to ruin the reputation of other players intentionally is something we take very seriously, and we ask you to come forward to the DMs if you have issues with anyone over any sort of subject, and let us deal with the case. Talking about people behind their back does no one any good and almost always ends with regret and remorse. If we catch people trying to sever someone's reputation in manners like these, it is considered a bannable offense. Again, be respectful towards each other. Even if you disagree.

Communication is essential. This goes in all manners of life. Just as much here. If you feel another character is harassing yours unfairly, talk to the player. Many misconceptions are made from not understanding or knowing a situation or its intent, and this can often easily be cleared up by just asking, in civil tones, for an explanation or to voice your side of things. If this can't be done directly, never be afraid to contact the staff to help you sort out the situation. We remind you that this is Sigil, a place that houses all varieties in life, a neutral ground where angels and demons can walk the streets alike, and there are and will always be characters here that are less than friendly.


To make the world as immersive and 'realistic' as possible, it is required that players are playing their characters as if they actually were these characters. Any knowledge obtained through out of character means should not be used in game. This goes from anything related to other characters, as to the module and the dungeons themselves. An example of metagaming is when you read a wiki entry about another character being a certain alignment, or a part of a secret cult, and then using this knowledge as if your character had it all along. This includes characters of the same player sharing information, even when they have a decent reason to do so; it might not be strictly metagaming, but it provides an unfair advantage for players whose characters are not on sufficiently good terms with each other to share information.

Abusing game mechanics to your advantage is prohibited. The Neverwinter Nights client is not always optimal, but that does not mean anyone should take advantage of the flaws of the engine to get ahead in the game. This means exploitation of transitions, of effects, of glitches, of bugs, of spawns and similar. Item swapping between your own characters is also prohibited, and all items will be removed if we catch players doing this.

The use of various abilities, such as divinations or wilderness lore, are not considered to be a valid excuse of metagaming either. Yes, your wizard might be able to cast discern location, but that doesn't give you a justification to use the /findplayers command and treat the information gained as in character. Even so, this can be bypassed with DM approval and/or player approval.

Ninja looting is not allowed. It is considered ninjalooting when you avoid all the spawns just to farm certain loot spots on the server. If this is done through using invisibility or through logging out next to the final boss does not matter, it is not allowed. Period.

While we will not police how you make or build your character, with limits and according to our rules, we expect everyone to build their characters in resemblance to how they want them played. Just placing stats and skills in the combat mechanics, while RPing other skills, is essentially considered as metagaming. In events run by DMs, if you do not have the necessary skills or stats, or even feats, that your character claims to have, they can be ruled as devoid. If your character is an expert on the planes, we expect to see points put into the actual skill. This does not necessarily mean that you have to max out the skill, but that you offer points equal to what you deem fitting of your character's knowledge. Just the same as we expect you to put points into Strength if you want a physically strong character. Giving your characters powers outside of what the game client or selected classes offer is not allowed. Any remarkable skill or ability granted to a character by a DM should always be represented by an in game item stating the ability and how it works.

Prohibited class combinations

Certain class combinations are very easy to exploit, and thus we have made the following multiclass combinations illegal:

  • Monk/Cleric
  • Monk/Druid
  • Monk/Psion
  • Monk/Shifter
  • Sorcerer/Paladin
  • Sorcerer/Blackguard
  • Paladin/Red Dragon Disciple
  • Blackguard/Red Dragon Disciple

Party and OOC chat

We will not go into too much detail on this, but we encourage people to use this as little as possible. Party chat is incredibly disturbing to DMs, at least if it is done out of character. Out of character chat in general is disruptive to the immersion of the game for other characters, and thus should be kept to a minimum. If you are in private and all are in on it, that should of course be your prerogative. If you feel the absolute need to communicate out of character in public, and there certainly are moments when it is necessary, we ask you to use what we call OOC marks for this. Either (( )) // or OOC: are examples of these.

Player versus Player

  • If PVPing near NPCs ensure a DM is present.
  • Have a plausible reason for the engagement. "They said mean things" is not a good reason, unless your character is a small child.
  • Set target to Hostile before engaging.
  • Intent should be communicated in tells so the other person clearly understands the situation. It is recommended to take screenshots of this communication to prevent potential OOC issues.

Failure to obey these can result in punishment up to and including character retirement (no reward given), or banning. If you believe that the other party is deliberately metagaming (going AFK, logging out, teleporting away) due to numbers 3 and 4, please let a DM know.

Character death

When a character dies, they will neither remember how they died nor the last 15 minutes of RL time prior to death.

Character death should always be treated seriously. While characters may have experienced death many times, it is never a thing to be taken lightly. Death is a gruesome, traumatizing experience that few would ever want to endure more than once.

Custom and Exotic Races

Sigil a place that houses all kind of various races. Planescape as a setting is all about the diversity of racial origins, and we encourage players to make different and unique characters that matches this. If you go to our Races section on this wiki, you will find a diverse list of races that are already approved and in the mod. Guidelines on how to choose these races can be found there.

If you want to play an exotic race that is not on the approved list already, we want you to fill out the request form in this post. This is so we can go over the racial request and determine if it makes sense and is suitable here.

Creating and playing a character race that has yet to be approved is prohibited and not allowed under any circumstance. You need to have your custom race approved before creation.

Age and Adult content

While our focused is not necessarily on very mature themes here, they can be present in a setting such as this one, and thus we require all our members to be over the age of 18. Equally or even more importantly we do not under any circumstance allow characters below the age of 18, or characters of a race with an age lower than the human equivalent of 18. Things can be cruel, painful and sadistic in the Multiverse, but children and adolescents should never be involved in any form or fashion. These rules are final and never to be broken. If we catch people role playing characters below the required age, it will result in an immediate ban.

When it comes to adult role play, we do not prohibit this, but we underline that this should in no way be even remotely close to a social server. Any and all graphic and detailed role play of a sexual, violent or sadistic nature should be done in private with the absolute consent of all parties involved. Use common sense here, if you think something shouldn't be done, you're most likely correct.

It is also preferred, but not required, that sexual role playing is kept in whispers or even better; tells.


  • Be polite and use the golden rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  • No drama. Drama is the quickest way to see yourself being banned.
  • No cheating. Don't exploit bugs, report them.
  • No characters below the age of 18 or the racial equivalent of 18 for non-humans.
  • You have to be over the age of 18 to play this server.
  • No ninja-looting; you are not allowed to loot dungeons when you don't slay the spawns.
  • No logging off next to respawnable loot and looting the freshly respawned loot when you log in again.
  • No rampant AI abuse. It is not okay, for instance, to abuse a situation that involves a NPC/Monster getting "stuck".
  • No muling. Do not transfer gear between your characters.
  • If unsure of something defer to a DM. Be this a ruling, lore, OOC question, anything.
  • No interactions that should require a NPC for a response without DM presence. See here for an explanation.
  • Keep OOC chat to a minimum

For any other questions, please visit the FAQ or consult a member of the staff.