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"The Thunderer"
Pantheon: Greek
AoC: Heavens, Law,
Symbol: Fist filled with
lightning bolts
Home P/L/R: Arborea/Olympus/

Though he's the youngest of the six remaining children of Cronus and Rhea, Zeus took the high-up spot among them because of his might and shrewd handling of their tyrannical father. Today, armed with a thunderbolt forged by the Cyclopes, Zeus holds his position through awe and fear. When the other powers have a disagreement they can't resolve, or when they threaten to tear Olympus apart in their squabbles, Zeus steps in, and with a heavy hand disciplines them until they settle down.

Graybeards say Zeus is the embodiment of reason and emotion welded together. To tell the truth, he's far more often passionate than logical, and that's caused him no end of trouble. See, while he's Hera's husband, he's lusty and lustful, and chant is he's fathered more children among the mortals than even Hera could track down. Zeus means well, to be sure, but sometimes a body can't help but wonder if he took Hera for his wife as a symbolic gesture to placate her jealousy and affirm his standing as head of the pantheon.

It's no secret Zeus doesn't care much for the Daghdha, the ruler of the Celtic pantheon. The feeling's entirely mutual; the Daghdha doesn't think the Olympians are any match for his own crew, and besides, he thinks the Greeks are far too full of themselves. Gossip among the priests says the Daghdha's recently pulled some subtle tricks on Zeus, which certainly doesn't help matters any. Regardless, the Celtic leader isn't going out of his way to win Zeus over, and the Thunderer won't make any overtures of peace either. Their simmering feud may erupt into all-out war at some point.

As for proxies, Zeus mainly uses his own children. The mightiest of these is of course Hercules, said to be the strongest man to ever walk the face of the Prime. However, because Hercules is the child of another woman, Hera's none too keen on the hero, and usually sets all sorts of obstacles in his way, to the point where it's better for Zeus to not bother with Hercules at all.