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Mount Celestia Layer
Order: Third

The third layer of Celestia is also called the Pearly Heaven. The slopes of Venya are old, rounded, and occasionally laced with snow. The brooks run warm and clear, though ice often forms on the banks in winter. Terraced fields and carefully tended woodlands are common sights on the slopes. The Glass Tarn: This mountain lake of icy water is nestled in a bowl-shaped valley between three peaks, fed by the runoff from a glacier of blue ice high above. When a believer throws something truly important and valuable into the tarn as an offering, a light rushes up from the incomprehensible depths. When the light reaches the surface, it takes the form of a prophecy featuring the supplicant-or a powerful archon to deal with the intruder if the offering was not sincere.

Green Fields: Here crops never fail, the weather is always mild, and plentiful harvests are a blessing. This is the realm of the halfling deity Yondalla, and that means comfort. The realm is a combination of burrowed households, small rustic buildings, and endless fields. No large predators live in the Green Fields; moles, rabbits, and badgers are common.

Mount Celestia Layers

Lunia . Mercuria . Venya . Solania . Mertion . Jovar . Chronias