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"The Redeemer"
Pantheon: Indian
AoC: Destruction
Symbol: Cobra head
Home P/L/R: Negative Energy/
The Vortex

Siva, the Vedic power of ultimate destruction, is actually rather liked by the rest of the pantheon. See, his duty is to tear down the multiverse in order to bring it in line with the Vedic unifying spirit, to make everything whole again by eradicating the multiplicity that's arisen. Siva doesn't consider himself evil - he's merely destruction incarnate.

To reach his goal, he's taken to meditating for years at a time in his realm, the Vortex, on the methods by which ruin can best be accomplished. On occasion, he acts to preserve his own vision of annihilation, and actually protects the multiverse he's pledged to destroy. See, when a powerful force threatens to change the course of destiny, Siva must prevent it from taking place, or else his millennia of meditation would be in vain.

Naturally, Siva's a big favorite amongst the Doomguard. They flock to his view that ultimate destruction paves the way for true change, and many factioneers are currently pushing Factol Pentar to make Siva the group's officially sanctioned deity. Other gods merely promote decay; Siva promises to bring the cosmos to a glorious end.

Siva doesn't have a realm, as such - at least not one that mortals can visit. Any berk that journeys to the Negative Energy Plane and enters the Vortex is instantly destroyed (even if protected by another power). Only Siva determines when he'll emerge from the vortex to receive guests. He won't let his divine meditation be interrupted by leatherheads who think themselves worthy of an audience - and that includes proxies (thus, he keeps none). Still, Siva's priests spread the word of union through destruction.