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"The Long-Legged"
Pantheon: Celtic, Faerûnian
AoC: Nature, forests,
Symbol: Summer oak
Home P/L/R: the Outlands/Tir na
Og (Summeroak)

In the deepest reaches of Tir na Og, the vegetation grows thick, and feral, the canopy of leaves overhead so dense that it seems all light must surely be blotted out. Here grows the greatest of all trees, and here - in the realm called Summeroak - the power Silvanus makes his home.

Silvanus doesn't seem to have many allies or enemies. He cares only for the balance of nature, and the maneuvers of gods and mortals alike hold no fascination for him. This wins a lot of druids, especially, to his side; they similarly place nature above everything else (even their own lives).

The Hierophant, Silvanus' proxy, roams the woods of Tir na Og, seeking those who might appreciate the wild beauty of Summeroak. She's fanatical in her devotion to nature and the forest god, and her eyes gleam when she speaks of her passion - which seems to be most of the time. In addition to her druidic powers, the Hierophant's been granted the ability to transform herself into any kind of tree or beast she's seen in her deity's realm.