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Sigil: Planar Legends (or SPL) is a Neverwinter Nights persistent world (online server) meant to offer a unique and diverse RP experience in an environment in which the players can affect real change on the world. NWN was launched with the tools that Bioware used to create the game itself, the Aurora engine. Using this engine teams have been able to create worlds, races, classes, etc. in an effort to basically forge their own RP settings. The second tool Bioware gave to the community is the Dungeon Master client, the DM client as it were. The DM client allows those in charge of a PW to basically act as gods, to change the world, spawn entities (and possess them), to basically do anything that might be done. Between these two tools NWN offers a truly amazing ability to facilitate RP in such a way that no other video game can hope to achieve.

The setting of SPL is an older Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting known as Planescape in which characters stand side by side with the deities, fiends, and strangers beings of the more standard D&D campaign settings. The focal point of SPL is the city of Sigil, the metropolitan center of the D&D universe, and it is believed that from there characters will be able to scheme or consort with all manner of entity as they strive to leave a lasting mark on the planes themselves. No matter your character's goal (leading nations, to even becoming a deity) there is nothing that should be outside the realm of the possible when dealing with the Planescape setting.

So whether you're an old NWN hand, or a newbie interested in what NWN and SPL can offer please come and take a look. We'd love to see you.