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"The Spore Lord, Carrion King, and Lord of the Myconids"
Pantheon: Faerûnian
AoC: Community, healing, philosophy
Symbol: Mycelium basket
holding a crystal vial
Home P/L/R: Mechanus/Mycelia

Psilofyr is the benevolent deity of the myconid race. He rules from his home in Mycelia, on Mechanus. Psilofyr is a wholly unique entity not bound to a singular form, but rather existing in many places at once simultaneously. His consciousness resides within a singular and extensive fungal root system. His presence within Mechanus also suggests that his root system extended into other planar realms.

Most of the Carrion King's time is spent on the preservation and guidance of the myconid race, and nearly all of his actions are taken to further that goal. Cultivation of new myconid species is among the many tasks he undertakes, creating new variants for a multitude of purposes. Without the numbers to deal with his numerous foes personally, however; and spending a portion of his limited resources dealing with rogue personalities, a sizable fraction of his time is devoted to diplomacy. His modus operandi for dealing with visitors varies on their skill level, with well renown trespassers being immediately enlisted, while lesser known entities have their abilities and personalities gauged through flushed out monsters. Invited guests, or beings who request his presence, are often given a task to complete that they would be paid for using treasures from slain intruders or specially crafted items. He often organizes large enough myconid colonies to liberate enslaved fungus folk, striving to save even those trapped in Toril's Shadowdark.