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Race: Human
Sex: Female
Deity: Unknown
Faction: Doomguard

Born in the gate-town of Xaos on the Outlands some thirty-odd years ago, Pentar grew up in an environment steeped in chaos and destruction - which she's said to have embraced with arms wide open. Even as a child, her factioneers will tell, she sought situations rife with danger and decay; as a teenager, she nearly lost her life revelling in a volcanic eruption.

In many ways, Pentar's the model of a perfect Sinker, preferring to let her long, raven tresses flow freely rather than tie them back, no matter how impractical. She's completely without fear in battle or any other hazardous situations. And that attracted the attention of the Doomlords, who early on imbued her with the power and responsibility of a champion of entropy. When the previous factol of the Doomguard met a glorious end in the midst of a slave uprising he himself supposedly had sparked, the Doomlords voted to appoint Pentar the new factol.

The decision would seem to have been well founded. Pentar's been factol for over five years now, and she's always eager to perform her duties; chant is she even sleeps garbed in battle gear, her sword and bow at the ready. Pentar also has an ancient dust blade, historically titled the blade of modron death, that's been handed down from one factol to the next. It was forged specifically to quell the Great March of the modrons. So far, though, every factol who's tried to stop the march has failed - some've even died in the attempt. Pentar eagerly hopes to be the first factol to successfully stop it, and that's no secret.