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"The Dragon's Lord"
Pantheon: Krynnish
AoC: Order, hope, light,
Symbol: Silver triangle
Home P/L/R: Mount Celestia/
Solania/The Dome
of Creation

Paladine is the mightiest of the pantheon's powers of good, usually taking the form of a great dragon. He has a genuine fondness of life, even the lives of evil creatures, and he won't kill if he can help it. However, he does recognize the need every once in a while, at which time he reveals select secrets of life and death to his agents still on Krynn.

Paladine's said to be something of a gambler; he's been known to rest the entirety of his creation on the actions of a single mortal. So far, he's been lucky.

The powers of good are under the command of Paladine, the creator of the noble impulse in the mortal spirit and a tender watcher of his children. Whereas the neutral gods teach restriction and the evil powers domination, Paladine leads by example and encouragement. He instructs his followers to work around evil's snares and flaws, rather than oppose Takhisis and her minions directly. 'Course, at times it seems only conflict can resolve a dispute, and that's when the powers of good demonstrate the reason they're called powers.

Still, the high-ups under Paladine try to stay out of human affairs. Though they can't help the desire to reach in every now and then and give the mortals a quick shove, they restrain themselves as best as they can. They've seen what happens when gods don't keep their desires in check, and they won't sacrifice the tenuous trust among the deities to further their own ends.