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"Goddess of the Sea, Lady of Mourning"
Pantheon: Cerillian
AoC: Ocean, Mariners, Grief, Remembrance of the Dead, Diplomacy
Symbol: Wave and Trident
Alignment: NG
Home P/L/R: Elysium/
Thalasia / The Waves of Grief
Aliases: Nesirie (Anuire), Nasri (Khinasi), Narikja (Rjurik), Neira (Brechtür)
Know Proxies: Unknown

Nesirie (neh-SEA-ree-ay) is the goddess of the sea and provider and guardian of those who make their living upon it. She is also the goddess of mourning and remembrance of people and things past. Seafarers of all cultures murmur a brief prayer to her before setting sail on any voyage. Legend among sailors say that when Nesirie's grief overwhelms her, the seas become restless, so they offer to her their wishes that she find peace. Nesirie is also the diplomat of the gods. The church of Nesirie can be found nearly anywhere where land meets sea. Mariners call to her for protection from storms, creatures of the deep, and other hazards. They beg of her full sails and calm waters. Most of Nesirie's clergy are women that have endured some terrible tragedy that has left them bereft.

Dogma: The sea is the lifeblood of the earth; its tidal flow is reflected in the birth, life, and death of every human being. Within this great cycle are lesser ones: the cycle of night and day, work and rest, sorrow and joy. Seek to understand this cycle, and aid others in accepting it as well. Show compassion and aid those suffering through the ebbs of the cycles of their life. Remember the past; only through the memories of those that remain can the actions of the dead have meaning. Care particularly for the remembrance of your dead, for their spirits require the remembrance of those who love them to keep the Shadow at bay. Heal the injured, comfort the lost, and negotiate peace among all men.

Nesirie's realm seems an endless sea, filled with the salty tears of a power who's not yet ceased her weeping. That's because most of her faithful on Cerilia've died out, leaving worship of the goddess mostly in the hands of sailors and others who depend on the waters.

The outer rim of the Waves of Grief is called Denial, and it's a somberly, reflective place. Seagulls wheel and spin in the overcast air, their plaintive cries somehow echoing deep in a body's spirit, speaking to the bereft part of every soul. The crash of leaden waves on the rocky spits of land and the spray that seems to hang forever in the air invites a visitor to sit a spell and think on all his lost loves and absent friends. Denial's not a place a body'd want to tarry long.

The realm's not all gloom and doom, though. On the island called Acceptance, far out in the misty sea, green trees grow straight and tall, and though the wist swirls and twists about their trunks, the isle embodies restful contemplation, free of the anguished cries of the gulls. Many roads wind through these trees, all leading inexorably toward the city of Surcease.

The burg sits on a bluff that overlooks the entire realm, though it can't be seen from the surrounding forest until a body's nearly on top of the plain. Surcease it built entirely of gray marble, and all the colors here seem strangely muted under the lowering skies. Still, the sad nature of the realm lightens in the city, and the hustle and bustle seems more energetic. And it all leads to the palace an the very center of the realm: Peace.

If a body can reach the palace and meditate there for a time, all the hurtful memories of the past eventually become muted, bittersweet recollections that can be looked on without pain. The meditations at Peace can also remove poisons and the effects of any memory-damaging magic or charm spells.