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"Lord of the Underworld"
Pantheon: Babylonian
AoC: The underworld, the
Symbol: Dark man holding a
black shield
Home P/L/R: The Gray Waste/Oinos/

Nergal's realm is a dark, gray city of black basalt, with a mist that swirls around everything in the dim land. The circular burg consists of seven domes, and its streets are filled with the shades of the dead (who move on missions known only to them and their god). The shades never speak, so any berk looking to pick up the chant must talk to one of the living sods - evil warriors, mostly - brought in to serve Nergal directly.

The power broods on his throne of basalt, plotting ways to spread his doctrine and his influence even further. He has no special enmity for any other gods, except when their interests conflict his own. 'Course, Nergal helped to murder the Sumerian god Enki in cold blood, so his definition of "conflicting interests" might be looser than most.