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"Lady of Sands"
Pantheon: Egyptian
AoC: Wealth, the dead
Symbol: Moon and ankh
Home P/L/R: Arborea/Pelion/

Nephythys is Set's former wife. She left him when he murdered Osiris, and now lives among the deserts of Amun-thys, scorning visitors and discouraging whimsical travellers. She's a rather miserly power, hoarding wealth and expecting her worshippers to sacrifice theirs to her. Some call her unfriendly, but the dark of it is just that she doesn't want to get bobbed.

This attitude extends to the petitioners of her realm, who've learned that all items in the land seem more precious than they are. The natives are peery of visitors; they're seen the sharp side of a sword from berks looking to fill their own pockets. And they go to great lengths to protect the crypts and mausoleums from looters - with help from Nephythys, of course.

Set sometimes sends proxies to Amun-thys with gifts and smooth words for Nephythis; she takes the offerings but pays their pleas no mind, usually tossing the berks out on their ears. But the goddess turned the tables on her former husband when Bentresh arrived; Nephythys talked the half-elf into throwing Set over and staying on as her new proxy.

Truth to tell, Amun-thys is little more than dunes, with scattered temples, tombs, and necropoli. The small city of Scarab lies near Nephythys' palace, and huge carcasses of titans litter the surrounding desert (some say they go to the realm to die). Beyond that, a body's better off looking someplace else for wealth and glory.