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"Night’s Light, Vivesh Nannari (Moon’s Champion)"
Pantheon: Sumerian
AoC: Chaos, Luck, Moon, Good
Symbol: Black axe over a Moon
Alignment: CG
Home P/L/R: Archeron/
Aliases: None
Know Proxies: Unknown

Nanna-Sin is one of the least important deities in the pantheon, and he knows it. Enlil keeps him from interacting too directly with mortals, so he wanders too keep away from the ruler's decrees, sailing on his crescent moon-shape barge up and down the River Oceanus. Truth is, Nanna-Sin enjoys spying on the Babylonian powers (especially Ishtar, who also dwells in Elysium). If Enlil learned of such activities, he'd surely forbid them, but given the vendetta sworn between the two pantheons, Nanna-Sin feels he's justified in his curiosity.