Muamman Duathal

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"The Wanderer"
Pantheon: Dwarven
AoC: Wanderers,
Symbol: Mace in gauntlets
Home P/L/R: Ysgard/Nidavellir/
Nidavellir (wanders)

Muamman Duathal is almost gnomelike in his approach to life; he's open and friendly, and he's definitely curious about what lies beyond the next horizon. As the power and protector of wanderers (especially those far from home), of dwarves who've left the safety of their cities to explore, Muamman has a keen interest in the doings of the multiverse and what's to be found there.

He's also one of the youngest dwarven pantheon, and as such the other members tolerate what they call his "antics." Moradin hopes that Muamman will settle down in a few millenia, and gives thanks, at least, that he's not as chaotic as Dugmaren Brightmantle.

Fittingly, the god of wanderers doesn't really have a realm to call his own. He stops by Nidavellir occasionally to check on the dwarves there, but he doesn't control the realm in any way. Whoever is in charge there (some say it's Hod the Blind, the exiled Norse god of smithcraft) simply tolerates Muamman's infrequent comings and his more frequent goings.

Here's the dark of it: Muamman just doesn't give a toss about having a realm. He's more than welcome to stay in Dugmaren Brightmantle's Soot Hall, and when he's not there, well, he just goes anywhere he pleases.

His proxies are like-minded. Ellik Ellis can be found anywhere in the Outlands or the Lower Planes, spreading word of his god to those who've slipped from the path and offering solace to those who've called on the power for aid. Ellik can home in on any dwarf who calls out Muamman's name, and he automatically knows the quickest path to reach the sod in trouble.

Muamman's second proxy is - of all things - a bearded tiefling called Travelin' Jick, who's been given the ability to shoot lightning from his hands and eyes at will. See, the deity's known as a god of wanderers, but he has another aspect as the dwarven god of lightning. Jick can use the lightning bolts to heal or harm. He's a good basher to know, but his literally stony face and silent nature make it hard to get too close.