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"The All-Father, Soul Forger"
Pantheon: Dwarven
AoC: Creation, smithing
Symbol: Hammer and anvil
Home P/L/R: Mount Celestia/

As the only greater power of the pantheon, Moradin's the most respected and worshipped dwarven deity across the Prime and Outer Planes. It's to his credit that the dwarves are as populous as they are, and to his blame that they're so gruff and stubborn.

Moradin's known as a very physical and forceful power - strength incarnate, even - and chant is he doesn't have much in his brain-box. He shares his realm, Erackinor, with Berronar Truesilver - his wife and his love. They dwell in the deep tunnels of a huge mountain in Solania, the fourth layer of Mount Celestia. A site of darkness and secrets, the realm is truly a place of joy for any dwarf or miner. The worthy and diligent try to dig up the dark of Erackinor, truths known only to Moradin and Berronar.

All of the realm's burgs lie within the mountain, as all true dwarven villages should. There, the dwarves can live without fear of goblin raids or monsters from the earthen depths, and they thrill to the discovery of new veins of ore and gems sparkling in the torchlight.

Most importantly, though, Erackinor's home to the gleaming Soul Forge, where Moradin tempers the spirit of the dwarf race. Watchful petitioners keep the forge free of dust and sot, and chant is it's a gate that opens into every single dwarven realm - though only Moradin knows how to send a sod through. Any dwarf who doesn't make himself useful might end up in one of these other realms. 'Course, any other berk who's not careful might find himself pounded into the shape of a dwarf instead, twisting and squirming beneath Moradin's great hammer.

The All-Father has a wandering proxy, a sacred blood called Telkandir Strongthew. Many of the faithful are curious about the choice, mainly because Strongthew's not a dwarf. But the cutter made his mark fighting in the endless wars of Acheron, and now he wanders the Great Ring, spreading Moradin's will and enforcing the divine edicts on any dwarf he sees. He's quick to anger and mighty proficient with his axe. However, his most fearsome power is his ability to send any dwarf who's too stubborn to listen straight into the presence of Moradin's avatar, who's a quick (and harsh) judge of dwarven character.