Mechanus (Layer)

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Mechanus Layer
Order: First
Realms: Anu's Way
Delon-Estin Ótí
The Focus of Energy
The Fortress
The Gleaming Spire
The Jade Palace
The Path of Law
The Shaking Land
The Vigilant Eye
The Wheel of Time

The are theoretically an infinite number of layers to Mechanus, and theoretically none. The disks that make up the plane all interlock, so there is no part of the plane that is not connected to some other part. Since all the cogs are linked, there's few boundaries one can see, though a body can certainly feel them.

The dark of it is this: Mechanus is one big plane, all of it able to be visited without the hubbub associated with visiting other planes. There ain't any places a cutter can't get in Mechanus if she's determined enough. Of course, that determination often means a body's going to be filling out a lot of paperwork and waiting in a number of lines, as well as sweating her way through the Labyrinthine Portal and maybe looking for the place for years. Still, with persistence, she'll eventually gain access to the place she's looking for.