Lei Kung

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"Duke of Thunder"
Pantheon: Chinese
AoC: Thunder,
Symbol: Hammer and chisel
Home P/L/R: Acheron/Avalas/

Lei Kung's a vicious basher. He's in charge of thunder during storms, and more importantly, of making sure that berks who wrong another and get away with it don't get away with it for long. Whenever he takes care of all those on his list, Lei Kung goes after folks who're simply accused of wrongdoing, falsely or not. It's all the same to him, as long as he gets to mete out punishment.

The power's realm is a place of sound and fury centered around his dark fortress, the Firecracker Palace, which floats on a great storm cloud through Acheron. Many sods go there to escape the wars raging across the iron cubes of the plane, but Lei Kung's petitioners are hard, suspicious folk. They like nothing better than to spy on others and punish them for acts of wrongdoing. Fact is, the petitioners sometimes leave the realm on missions of vengeance, taught that they'll still merge with Lei Kung if they're killed while on such a quest. It may or may not be true, but the petitioners certainly believe it.