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"Lady of Knowledge"
Pantheon: Egyptian
AoC: Marriage, magic,
Symbol: Eye and teardrop
Home P/L/R: Arcadia/Buxenus/
Heliopolis; Elysium/

Isis, wife of Osiris, is said to have knowledge of everything between heaven and earth; and that might not be far off. As the mistress of magic in the Egyptian pantheon, it's her duty to discover all that transpires in her purview. To this end, she's made an ally of Azuth, a magic-loving neighbour on Arcadia (and thus also out of Mystra, a powerful goddess of Toril). Legend says that Isis peeled Ra into revealing his secret name to her, and thus she's unlocked the dark mysteries of creation. What she'll do with this information isn't quite known yet.

Isis is mighty friendly to mortals, giving them gifts whenever she can justify it to herself. It was she who brought magic and marriage to the humans, and she'll likely grant them more if she can.

The goddess shares the rule of Heliopolis with Osiris and Ra, her portion of the realm a sloping land covered with thick grass and fig trees. The River Isis, filled with holy water, runs only through the city of Gizekhtet. The burg's a matriarchy ruled by Lamia Nightblossom, and it's a place where everything's in balance. None of the folks are too rich or too poor, too hungry or too sated - to the petitioners, it's utopia.

But Isis has a second realm, one that she can call her own; Quietude, a small town on Elysium that isn't much more than a village set on a plateau. Isis' proxy Sirian Goodwife keeps the peace there, but that's not a hard job - the community's home to married couples and spellslingers working toward a better understanding of the multiverse and its secrets. Though Heliopolis is the home of her husband, Isis seems to prefer Quietude for its research value.