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"The Maiden"
Pantheon: Babylonian
AoC: Love, war
Symbol: Female hand
grasping a blue
crystal rod
Home P/L/R: Elysium/Amoria/
the City of the Star

Ishtar's City of the Star is a community where deep passion underlines everything. A place of beauty and vitality, the City of the Star is filled to bursting with the joys and loves of its people and its power. A realm of white marble and narrow streets, of fantastic colonnades and exquisite desire, the city covers all of Ishtar's territory. It's said to be one of the most beautiful places in the multiverse.

The power herself, born from the Sumerian goddess Inanna, always appears as a beautiful woman, and wherever she moves through her realm, a carpet of flowers and grass springs up behind her. Despite being the goddess of war, Ishtar engenders life by her very existence and advocates war only when it furthers the cause of life.