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Indra, "The First Ruler"
Pantheon: Indian
AoC: Weather, battle
Symbol: White Elephant
Home P/L/R: Limbo/Swarga
Agni, "Flame's Son"
Pantheon: Indian
AoC: Fire, messages
Symbol: Flames
Home P/L/R: Limbo/Swarga
Vayu, "Fickle Breath"
Pantheon: Indian
AoC: Wind, life,
Symbol: Sapling bending in
the wind
Home P/L/R: Limbo/Swarga

Indra, Agni, and Vayu aren't the only chaotic powers of the Vedic pantheon, but they're known as the Three Gods of Chaos nonetheless. That's because they're deities of elemental strength and unpredictable temperament, and because they've chosen to make their shared home in the swirls of Limbo. Interestingly, their own alignments span the spectrum of chaos (good, neutral, and evil) - obviously, these powers're quite familiar with the Rule of Threes.

The trio rules over a loose, patternless realm called Swarga, a place that's little more than random storms, raging flames, and howling winds. If anything springs up that looks like it might be permanent, chances are they've built it only so it can be destroyed. The githzerai anarchs and other shapers of Limbo stay away from Swarga; trying to impose mortal will in the realm invites the wrath of the destructive gods themselves.

The palaces of the three powers are about as permanent as anything gets in Swarga, even though they, too, flow and shift from time to time. Indra's case is a huge marble blob, covered with carvings of the god, and the surrounding land is blanketed by constant rain. Nearby roars the eternal fire of Agni's castle, a rampant flame that consumes everything it touches. Chant is only cutters specifically blessed by Agni can enter the place and emerge unharmed, even other powers avoid the area. Finally, there's the cloud palace of Vayu, where winds can be gentle as a feather or as buffeting as a gale. A body who wants to travel in Vayu's home must gain the help of the asuras servants the power's accumulated over the years.