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"Keeper of the Flame"
Pantheon: Sumerian
AoC: War, Love
Symbol: A Shepherds Staff
Alignment: LE
Home P/L/R: Baator/
Phlegethos/Jealous Heart
Aliases: None
Know Proxies: Unknown

To fickle Inanna, all's fair in love and war. Though she follows laws she herself has established, she doesn't expect the same of lovers and warriors. Once the wife of Enlil, she's now been set aside and she seethes under his rule. However, as a power of war, she knows that the Sumerians have to present a united front to keep the Babylonians at bay, so she holds off on her revenge. For now' she's content just to lay the seeds.

Her realm is in fiery Phlegethos; chant says the flames of the layer can't compare to the fires that she feels when entering battle or love. Hers is the passion a body knows in war or desire, the caress of steel or flesh. Any basher who enters her realm succumbs to a desire for one or the other within a day, though the feeling changes with the setting of the sun. It's not a cold passion, but it's certainly a rational one - every cutter here knows what he's about and how to achieve it.

Though the feel of the Jealous Heart is fiery, the physical land itself is not. It might look that way, tinted as it is with reddish light that dances through the air. But Inanna's realm is a great field covered with crimson dust, crisscrossed by rivers of blood that nourish the sweet fruits of the trees. The main city is called Eridan, a place where the lovers of the realm take defence against the warriors. 'Course, at the end of the day, the desires swing back the other way: The lovers cut their way out of the city and the warriors fight their way in.