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"Daughter of the Air"
Pantheon: Finnish
AoC: Mothers
Symbol: Looped Cross
Home P/L/R: Prime Material

Ilmatar, the goddess of mothers, also happens to be the mother of the greatest hero of Finnish legend: Vainamoinen. Chant says other powers in the pantheon have such respect for her son (and owe her so many favors) that there's nothing Ilmatar can't get from them. She's too honorable to use that influence unduly, but there are times when the mortals under her protection need help.

Her realm exists only within her aura. She travels across the lands of her worshippers, seeking to alleviate the pains of motherhood and answering any call if she can. If summoned unnecessarily, Ilmatar visits bad luck on the sod who called her. Otherwise, she performs her service (in disguise)a nd vanishes into the place where she came.