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"Lord of Darkness"
Pantheon: Finnish
AoC: Evil
Symbol: Lightning in the
night sky
Alignment: CE
Worshiper Alignment: CE
Home P/L/R: Prime Material
/the Nether
Know Proxies: None (All Evil Creatures)

Hiisi's a basher with no care for the scurrying creatures of mortal life span; he's preoccupied with evil, and uses other sentients only as a means of furthering his wicked visions. He can empower any evil creature as his proxy, and the sods have only one chance to resist him. Truth is, though, Hiisi doesn't keep permanent proxies. He kills them off before long to reclaim every last drop of his strength - the god hates doling out energy.

Hiisi's realm resembles nothing so much as the underside of a tree-covered hill, and it appears on the Prime whenever he believes the other powers aren't watching him. Roots dangle from the ceiling, water constantly drips someplace just out of eyesight but always within earshot, and the smell of rotting, dank earth fills a body's nose. It's a dreary place, and indescribable creatures (Hiisi's petitioners) drag their way through the lower reaches of the realm. Most berks who come here never leave again. It ain't pretty.