Gaerdal Ironhand

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"The Stern"
Pantheon: Gnomish
AoC: Vigilance, combat,
Symbol: Iron band
Alignment: LG
Worshiper Alignment: LG, LN
Home P/L/R: Bytopia/Dothion/
the Golden Hills
Know Proxies: Szemeade Fierceyes, Gnome Female

Gaerdal Ironhand is the most dwarf-like deity of the pantheon, rarely smiling and fiercely intense. He's got no use for tricks, jokes, or deceits - he takes his duties as the protector of the gnomish burrows very seriously, at the cost of sacrificing a playful spirit. Still, this garners sober respect, instead of the gentle affection that's lavished on the other deities.

His hill is called Stronghaven, and it's free of the decoration that characterizes most gnomish homes. Its tunnels wind through the hills, and it's said to contain a maze that'll test the mettle of the canniest planewalker.