Flandal Steelskin

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"Master of Metal"
Pantheon: Gnomish
AoC: Mining, fitness,
Symbol: Flaming hammer
Alignment: NG
Worshiper Alignment: NG, LG, CG
Home P/L/R: Bytopia/Dothion/
the Golden Hills
(the Mithral Forge)
Know Proxies: Gilliana Heatforge, Gnome Female

Flandal's one of the finest and strongest smiths in creation. Some say that he and the dwarven powers helped create the craft, and that human smiths just tagged along for the ride. Regardless, any gnome involved in metal work venerates Flandal, and hope to approach even the tiniest portion of his skill. 'Course, the deity's huge nose gives him an edge at smelling out veins of precious ore.

Flandal's realm in Dothion is called the Mithral Forge. It's a place of fire and heat concealed beneath a hill that seems to breathe with every swing of Flandal's hammer, so powerful are his arms. He shares the realm with the Japanese deity Ama-Tsu-Mara, and often trades secrets with the other smith gods. The tunnels of the Mithral Forge are also said to wind beneath the soil of many other planes, though only a worthy gnome can walk the passages without getting hopelessly lost.