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General Info - What is Sigil: Planar Legends?

Sigil: Planar Legends is a persistent world (online server) meant to offer a unique and diverse role playing experience in an environment in which the players can affect real change on the world. NWN was launched with the tools that Bioware used to create the game itself, the Aurora engine. Using this engine teams have been able to create worlds, races, classes, etc. in an effort to basically forge their own RP settings. The second tool Bioware gave to the community is the Dungeon Master client, the DM client as it were. The DM client allows those in charge of a PW to basically act as gods, to change the world, spawn entities (and possess them), to basically do anything that might be done. Between these two tools NWN offers a truly amazing ability to facilitate RP in such a way that no other video game can hope to achieve.

The setting of Sigil: Planar Legends is an older Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting known as Planescape, in which characters stand side by side with the deities, fiends, and the stranger beings of the more standard D&D campaign settings. The focal point of Sigil: Planar Legends is the city of Sigil, the metropolitan center of the D&D universe, and it is believed that from there characters will be able to scheme or consort with all manner of entities as they strive to leave a lasting mark on the planes themselves. No matter your character's goal (from leading nations, to even becoming a deity) there is nothing that should be outside the realm of the possible when dealing with the Planescape setting.

So whether you're an old NWN hand, or a newbie interested in what Neverwinter Nights and Sigil: Planar Legends can offer please come and take a look. We'd love to see you.

Sources - Where can I learn about Planescape?

There should be plenty of information about Planescape throughout this Wiki. Sigil: Planar Legends primarly uses the AD&D2 cosmology over D&D 3rd Edition cosmology. However, as it comes to timeline, we are closer to D&D 3.5. The major difference from D&D 3.5 source material is that the faction war has not happened.

For a short outline of our specific server lore based on what has transpired within our own campaign, see this thread

Planewalker is a great resource site. Info on Factions and more Factions, Sigil Cant, The Outer Planes.

Direct Connect - How can I access the server?

You can direct connect to us using: sigil.planarlegends.com

Instructions on how to direct connect, for example how to jump straight into the server from your desktop icon, can be found here.

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition - HAK Packs and Character Transfers

SPL runs on the latest Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. All necessary HAKs are auto-downloaded via NWsync when you connect to the server, so no manual installation is needed. Sadly, we can't transfer or recreate characters from pre-EE versions of SPL due to technical constraints.

Are there updates to Neverwinter Nights Features in Sigil: Planar Legends?

Absolutely! At SPL, we've made a wealth of modifications to NWN's base features like classes, spells, feats, and races to enhance your gaming experience. Curious about the details? Check out Enhanced Content, Feats, and Spells to get started. You can also find all of those and more under the "Server Info" section in the left-hand navigation bar on every page.

What Is Crafting Like on Sigil: Planar Legends?

Currently, Crafting on SPL is based on RP. A fully fleshed-out crafting system is currently being designed, but until it is released players may use the Quest Request application on Discord to submit small quests to create custom equipment.

Note that the vanilla crafting options, Craft Wand and Scribe Scroll, are implemented as well.

Level limit - What is the character level limit?

Without progressing into epics characters are able to freely advance to level 20. Through the Renown System (explained below), characters may advance to level 30.

Ascension - How do the Renown, Epic, and Ascension systems work?

On SPL, the soft level cap is 20, which can be reached through typical means and generally reached within a month or two of character play. Once a character reaches level 20, they will completely stop accruing experience points until receiving a token from a Dungeon Master allowing epic character advancement. Epic advancement is unlocked through a system known as 'Renown'. Renown is automatically gained for characters who are members of a Faction or Sect through a number of different triggers; we intentionally do not release the exact methods to gain renown to avoid players farming the process. Additionally, Renown can be given in small doses from time to time by DMs to anyone; even those who are not in a Faction or Sect. Once a character reaches 3,000 Renown, they are automatically eligible for epic advancement. You can check your character's current renown once per day using the "/renown" command in-game. Upon reaching 3,000 Renown, contact a Dungeon Master (or one will contact you) for a brief conversation about becoming an epic character. It will be explained in more detail, but essentially, Epic Characters are those who are expected to push for content that involves other players, those who are more willing to accept both helpful and dangerous outcomes for their actions, and a mutual understanding between the player and the DM Team that the player is willing to accept consequences for actions, which may rarely be as strong as permadeath or retirement in extreme situations. Once a player opts their character into epic, they may advance freely to level 30. Note that epics characters do not gain exp from any source at all outside of a limited amount of RP ticks per day, and exp given by DM grants.

Ascension Quests are a special form of personal quest that can be undertaken by an Epic-level character. It is your chance to test the boundaries of your character and the impact you can have on the setting. You can meet a deity or a proxy, you can go free or destroy a prime world - it's a chance to make a change to the server lore/history and kind of leave a lasting impact in the history of something. The character can do things like become a new race or have a template applied to their existing race. There are limits to it, for example, you can't become a deity. The character needs to remain playable, or the player needs to be willing to retire the character once the Ascension questline is finished. We also don't allow things like slaying or destroying well-known or canon important deities/fiend lords. Become the ruler of a (probably offscreen) city, etc. Breed a new race of sentient killer bugs that are more powerful than the base race and unleash them upon unselecting settlements to help move along the death of everything, etc.

Time - How does time work here?

Next to impossible to have a good ruling on time when you deal with so many planes and worlds. Time in Planescape is very relative. As far as SPL, we are going with real-time, meaning 1 hour in-game is 1 hour in real-life.

For mechanics (such as spells), one in-game hour is 15 minutes, while 1 turn is 1 minute. As a side note, in the in-game world, an hour is typically known as a "bell", a day is known as a "cycle", and a year is known as a "turn".

Widgets - How do I use dicebags/emotes/AFK widges, ect?

We have a dice bag option and an emotes option in the radial menu under special abilities, and base class. Some emotes can also be accessed via simple text commands (for example, typing "/sit" will make your character sit). For automatic rolls, try typing the name of the attribute, save, or skill you want to roll behind a forward slash. "/strength", "/reflex", "/listen" and so on. A list of text commands can be found by typing "/help".

To get to the AFK Lounge, type "/afk" in the chatbox. Languages are learned with the "/language" command and to speak a language use "/speak <language>" (case sensitive). Widgets are given out to represent a race's special abilities and spell-like powers.

Languages - What are they and how do I learn languages?

Languages may be learned by using the /language command in-game. The natural modifier of intelligence equals the number of bonus languages you receive at level 1 (not including any racial language); each rank put into the Speak Language skill grants an additional language; only the base (unmodified) Speak Language skill will add additional languages.

To speak a language your character knows, type "/speak <language>" (case sensitive) in the chatbox. To resume speaking Planar Trade (Common) type "/speak Common" in the chatbox.

Touching - I bump into people a lot. Can this be turned off?

Yes, it can. Open your emotes option, choose 2 (Extended Emote Functions by Ravish), then 4 (Turn touching on).

Bind points - I heard I can respawn at a bind point, how do I do that?

Bind points can be found around the world, and are more often represented by an interactive placeable in an inn or something similar.

Grammar - Are there any rules on grammar and RP language?

We realize that not everyone is on an equal level when it comes to grammar and writing language, but we encourage complete sentences and the use of punctuation and capital letters. So-called l33t speak, smiley faces and similarly are not acceptable as forms of communication or roleplay.

Out-of-character (OOC) chatting should always be kept at a minimum to avoid interrupting other people's RP. If you want to say something out of character, please do so with either "OOC" "(( ))" "//" or similar signs in front of what you are saying, to make bystanders aware that you are not speaking in character. When possible, it's encouraged to use tells to chat OOC.

Teleport - How does this spell work?

When you cast Teleport, you will be asked to type the place you are teleporting to; you have roughly half a minute to type in the teleport key, and it must be the next thing you type or it will waste the spell. You can find most teleport keys by typing "/teleport" in the chatbox. Additionally, a list of commands can be found here.

Factions - Is there a list of what character belongs to what faction?

You can find a player-maintained Faction and Sect membership roster here.

Children/Pregnancies - How are child characters and pregnancies treated on Sigil: Planar Legends?

Players are expressly prohibited from portraying children or underage characters in any capacity unless under direct DM supervision, and this includes all forms of shape-shifting. Each player character must be at least of early adulthood for their respective race. For instance, human characters must be a minimum of 18 years upon server entry. Long-lived races, like the Elves, may attain early adulthood around 100 years, whereas shorter-lived races like Goblins reach adulthood around 8 or 9 years. All characters, barring NPCs, must be of at least early adulthood without exception. Terminology that actively implies your character is underage is heavily discouraged and overuse of such will result in a DM speaking to you about portraying your character in a different way.

For a general idea of adulthood for the base races you can use the table on this page and tweak it if needed for any Planetouched effects. Note that, again, we require all human-blood races to be at least 18.

Regarding pregnancies - any pregnancies must occur entirely offscreen. A player character can only become pregnant if they plan to temporarily retire from play for an extended period. Additionally, player characters are not permitted to actively involve babies or other children in their narratives without explicit DM approval and supervision. (For example: Your character may have a family elsewhere, potentially revisiting them offscreen, but, fundamentally, the children should never be actively involved in gameplay without DM involvement and is best utilized as character backstory, information, and possibly as motivation for ambitions and desires.)

Portraits - Where can I find the custom portraits people use?

We have a custom portrait pack which can be found on our Discord, or on the Steam Workshop.

If you're curious about how to make portraits, go to this link.

Combat Animations - How do they work?

Type "/styles" in chat and follow the instructions.

Description - Can I change my character description?

You can use the /descedit chat command to modify your character's description.

Lock Command - I misclick a whole lot, is there a solution?

We have a lock command that locks your character in place. type "/lock" to lock your character in its current position, and "/unlock" to be able to move it again.

Death - How does character death work?

Death for a character is a very traumatizing and horrifying experience. A character is unable to remember the fifteen minute period leading up to their death (this may be waved during events at the DM's descrition). In the vast majority of situations, characters can respawn an unlimited amount of times and only suffer the death-loss penalty (memory, coin, and XP for pre-20. Characters level 20 and above do not lose exp, but lose an additional amount of coin). The respawn system is meant to be a quality-of-life system for players - the character has, somehow, at the last moments managed to return to their bind point. The last fifteen minutes are unable to be remembered and the character suffers the trauma of death/near death. XP lost from death can be regained through typical means. Do not respawn during DM events.

Chat Room - Does Sigil: Planar Legends have a chat feature?

Discord is our primary means of interaction and communication - it's where players, factions, and server staff come together to chat, strategize and share updates. Also, for everyone's convenience, we've incorporated the SPL Forums into the Discord Forum Feature, making it even easier to keep up with the latest discussions and keeping everything in one centralized location. If you'd like to join us, we invite you to use this invitation link to join our Discord community. We look forward to seeing you there!

Voicesets - Is there a way to get more Voicesets to use for my character?

Download and install Voicesets from the NWVault.

Windowed Mode - Can I run the game in Windowed Mode?

You can change between Fullscreen (exclusive), Borderless, and Windowed Modes in-game by accessing Game Options under the Menu and navigating to the "Graphics" tab on the side. Additionally, If you are playing NWN on a Windows Operating System, you can press <Alt+Enter> on the keyboard to switch between Fullscreen and Windowed Mode.

Custom GUI - Is there a way to change the GUI of the game?

There are many GUI overrides you can subscribe to and download from the EE workshop.

Chat Logging - Can I get logs of my in-game chat?

Yes, you can. Check out this log rotator. Alternatively, ask in the Discord for more current methods.

Joining the Server Staff - How can I become a Storyteller, Planer Engineer (Builder/Scripter), or Dungeon Master?

You can find all the application forms you'll need in the Application Channel on our Discord server. If you're considering applying, we strongly recommend you have a chat with one of our Dungeon Masters first. It's always helpful to keep them in the loop, and they can offer some useful guidance.

If you're interested in becoming a Planar Engineer, we're nearly always looking for more Area Designers and Scripters. We tend to accept players who are active, curious, and have a basic understanding of the Toolset or a strong desire to learn it.

As for the Storyteller role, we value experience in our community. We like applicants to have been active SPL players for a considerable time. We also look for proven role-playing skills, extensive knowledge of Planescape and server lore, and a blend of professionalism and friendliness towards fellow players.

Dungeon Master positions aren't typically open for application. Existing Dungeon Masters will approach others as needed and will generally invite those who've demonstrated exceptional skills as Storytellers.

Are there any specific server rules I should be aware of?

Yes. We have a list of rules here as well as listed in the general chat forum of our Discord.