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Elysium Layer
Order: Second
Realms: Great Mountain of the East
Mirror of the Moon
The Great Mother's Garden

Eronia is a rugged mountainous layer of hills and jagged peaks. On this layer, the weather is much more severe with violent windstorms and lightning being common. The seasons are more extreme with bitter winters and hot summers.

The godly realms located on Eronia include, Enlil's realm of Great Mountain of the East, Bragi's realm of HarpHearth, Tsuki-Yomi's realm of Mirror of the Moon, halfling deity Urogalan's realm of Soulearth, giant goddess Hiatea's realm of Woodhaven, Mystra's realm of Dweomerheart, Chauntea's realm of The Great Mother's Garden, which she shares with Liu, and Lathander's realm of Morninglory, which he shares with Ushas.

Elysium Layers

Amoria . Eronia . Belierin . Thalasia