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"Ruler of Heaven, Soldier of all the Lands, Father of all Children, Strychik Ozon (Uncle Lightning Bolt)"
Pantheon: Sumerian
AoC: Air, War
Symbol: Pick-axe
Alignment: NG
Worshiper Alignment: NG, LG, CG
Home P/L/R: Elysium/
Eronia/The Great Mountain to the East
Aliases: None
Know Proxies: Lugalzaggisi of Erech, Human Male

Enlil was the first of the Sumerian pantheon, son of Nammu, the sea. As the barrier between the earth and the sky, Enlil could be said to be the very breath mortals draw into their lungs. He is the ruler of the pantheon, and though he can't do anything that affects the group without the approval of the others, he still pursues his own agenda. Chant is his proxies currently search for bashers to do away with the proxies of the Babylonian pantheon. It's a dangerous job, but Enlil's rewards are something many berks just can't resist.

As a power of war, Enlil is also keenly interested in the doings of the Prime. It's said that any battle that even one of his worshippers takes part in is of vital importance to him.