Dugmaren Brightmantle

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"The Gleam in the Eye"
Pantheon: Dwarven
AoC: Scholarship, inven-
tion, discovery
Symbol: Open book
Alignment: CG
Worshiper Alignment: NG, CG
Home P/L/R: the Outlands/Dwarven
Mountain (Soot Hill)
Know Proxies: Weilana Tunag, Female Dwarf

Of all the gods in the Dwarven pantheon, Dugmaren Brightmantle has to be tho most chaotic and the most open to new concepts. He's a scholar and inventor, and powers only knows how much he's destroyed by fiddling with something he ought not to have touched.

However, Dugmaren is a benign deity. He seeks knowledge for its own sake rather than for any practical use. Chant is he promised his father, Moradin, that he'll settle down someday and find a use for all the information he's gathered over the eons - but it doesn't look like that day's coming any time soon.

Followers of Dugmaren tend to be the scholars and inventors of the dwarves. Moradin may draw smiths and the like to his forge, but Dugmaren attracts cutters who want to make something new, not just a variation on a theme. Any dwarf can produce a hammer. Only a few have the inspiration to turn an idea upside down, and end up with something like the Wondrous Spinning Axehead.

Don't misunderstand, berk. Just because Dugmaren is an inventor, he's nothing like the tinker gnomes of that prime-material world called Krynn. The dwarvish god's cheerful, but he's not frighteningly chirpy. He demands much from his faithful, but he rewards them with the satisfaction of a job well done and the certainty that they have, indeed, done it well.

The power's home, Soot Hall, is part of the triple realm of the Dwarven Mountain (shared with Dumathoin and Vergadain). A body won't find any fancy frippery or decorations, only libraries for quiet reflection and ruddy workshops for furious clattering. And no matter what the activity, the hall never sleeps; the petitioners have been granted unending endurance to complete their tasks. Some of 'em pause in between jobs; most leap right to another as the ideas fly into their heads. The pace in Soot Hall is quick enough to make a berk drop from exhaustion just watching everyone run around. There's no room for the lazy or jobless.