Deep Sashelas

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"Sailor's Friend"
Pantheon: Elven
AoC: Creation, knowle-
dge, beauty, magic,
sea elves
Symbol: Dolphin
Alignment: CG
Worshiper Alignment: NG, CG, CN
Home P/L/R: Arborea/Olympus
and Ossa/Elavan-
Know Proxies: Ella Waves-Daughter, Sea-Elf

The realm of Deep Sashelas, god of the sea elves, is known as Elavandor. Depending on the power's mood, it lies either in the Sparkling Sea at the edge of Arvandor or somewhere in the watery layer of Ossa. However, a body can always use the Sparkling Sea to reach Elavandor - a series of ever-winding caverns near the bottom eventually opens over the great chasm where the deity dwells. Wherever his realm's found, Deep Sashelas constantly builds new islands, coral reefs, and grottos undersea. Unlike the other Seldarine, he's rarely satisfied with what he's done, and always seeks to improve it.

Deep Sashelas is a member (and some say the leader) of the asathalfinare, a group of nonhuman sea powers. He's also good friends with Poseidon, and Manannan mac Lir visits Elavandor on occasion. Aegir, the evil Norse god of the sea, is one of Deep Sashelas' enemies, but the power reserves his strongest hatred for Sekolah (the Great Shark) and Panzuriel (the Enslaver). Deep Sashelas struggles constantly with these evil gods, and it's a rare day that finds him free of the mischief caused by one of the other.

His palace sits at the bottom of a chasm, a construct of coral, gold, and veined marble. While it's on the floor of a deep sea trench, the water around is still pure and blue, filtering light all the way to the bottom. Chant is a body knows he's on the verge of leaving Elavandor when the water around him starts turning dark and grimy.

Here's the dark of the realm: Any good-natured elf can breathe the water as though it were air. Spells that mask this don't work against the power of a god, obviously, so it's a safe bet that any elf a body sees here (even a drow) works for good. 'Course, spells and magical items can let a cutter breathe underwater, so it's possible a cutter could run into evil elves in Elvandor. But they'd have to reach the undersea realm before they could hope to breathe in it, and the place changes location enough that it's doubtful whether they could make it that far.

Currently Deep Sashelas' favored proxy is Ella Wavesdaughter. The priestess is considered somewhat boring among her sea elven kin due to her steadfast devotion to duty, but she's got the soul of an artist and the temperament of a porpoise. Her god's given her the power to swim just a little faster than any undersea creature, and if she can touch the seabed, she can summon a water elemental to come to her aid.