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Arcadia Layer
Order: Second

The second layer of Arcadia looks much like the first, with its pleasant valleys swathed in perfectly even grass, naturally growing orchards, and circular lakes. However, it has also become a mustering ground where forces of Arcadia slowly gather their strength for a presumed ideological thrust into Mechanus in an attempt to recover the lost layer of Menausus. How this “reliberation” will actually occur is anyone's guess. Here and there on this layer are the training grounds of a particularly militant sect of mortals from the Material plane called the Harmonium. Though they seek to do good, the “retraining camps” do more harm than anything else—or so say many authorities. In these camps, the Harmonium indoctrinates “borrowed” mortals of a chaotic alignment in the dictates of law and harmony in an attempt to change their spiritual identity to one more harmonious than before. Unfortunately, the success rate is low. In the greater scheme of things, these camps may actually be shifting the layer of Buxenus more toward law than good. If such a shift continues, Arcadia could eventually lose its second layer to Mechanus, along with the third layer already gone. Menausus The third layer of Arcadia actually no longer exists (and has not, for millennia). Its planar essence has joined with Mechanus. This cataclysm is attributed to overcolonization by formians, and their overriding, unmerciful lawful mindset. No one can now guess which particular portion of Mechanus is actually Menausus, but a good bet is that a large portion of the formian hive-cogs were once hivecities in Menausus.

Arcadia Layers

Abellio . Buxenus