Basilica of Saint Cuthbert

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Divine Realm
Plane: Arcadia
Layer: Abellio
Powers: St. Cuthbert

High walls manned by specially chosen paladins surround this mighty edifice of St. Cuthbert. Within the walls stands the basilica itself, whose highest dome reaches a mile into the sky. At the very center of the basilica is Cuthbert's seat, called the Seat of Truth, though he rarely takes it. A curved open canopy supported by four serpentine pillars shelters the seat. St. Cuthbert brought the pillars home as trophies after a brief crusade into the Nine Hells. As the deity of common sense, wisdom, and similar sentiments, St. Cuthbert is noted for his rulings on matters of state, philosophy, and everything else. However, he is also called St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel, and wherever the deity goes, so goes his bronzewood weapon. If words do not suffice, St. Cuthbert's cudgel does. Einheriar and privileged clerics, paladins, and others of deep faith stay in the basilica with St. Cuthbert, though he sends many out on missions in his name. Modest accommodations are set aside for occasional supplicants wishing to hear the wisdom of St. Cuthbert.