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"Lord of Spells"
Pantheon: Faerûnian
AoC: Mages
Symbol: Hand pointing up
outlined in blue fire
Alignment: NG
Worshiper Alignment: LN, LG, LE
Home P/L/R: Arcadia/Buxenus/
Know Proxies: None

Azuth is the Faerûnian patron of wizards and mages (as opposed to Mystra, who is the sphere's goddess of all magic). The power serves as Mystra’s friend and adviser, though he's struggled desperately since the Time of Troubles to reconcile the old Mystra with the new, and with the resulting difference in the Weave that blankets Toril. As many of Azuth's faithful take a neutral stance on matters of morality, the church often comes under criticism by the newer, more proactive cults of Mystra.

Other powers usually find him crotchety, not understanding his dry wit or ceaseless dedication to collecting magical knowledge. His worship is seen by many outsiders to be outdated and tradition-bound.

Azuth's realm on the second layer of Arcadia is simply called Azuth, showing that if the power has a flaw, it isn't humility. There, a body'll find the town of Mage's Rest, a bewildering cluster of eccentric wizardly dwellings.