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Acheron Layer
Order: First
Realms: Nishrek
The Brilliant Land
Resounding Thunder

The first layer of Acheron, Avalas, is also called The Battlefield. It contains the highest density of metal cubes and is thus host to the most fighting on the plane. The cubes are dotted with fortresses and covered with battlefields. Collisions between the cubes causes them to break apart in to smaller cubes, hence the smallest cubes are the oldest on the layer.

The realm of Nishrek is located on Avalas. It is home to the orc deity Gruumsh and the other deities of the orc pantheon including Bahgtru, Ilneval, and Luthic.

Bralm's realm, the Hive Fortress, is in Avalas.

The citadel of Scourgehold is the realm of Hextor, the god of tyranny and half-brother of Heironeous. Here Hextor presides over his legions as they train in The Great Coliseum.

Clangor is located here. It is the realm of goblin deities Maglubiyet, Khurgorbaeyag, and Nomog-geaya. Avalas also contains the realms of Amaratsu-Mikaboshi (The Brilliant Land) and Lei Kung (Resounding Thunder).

Acheron Layers

Avalas . Thuldanin . Tintibulus . Ocanthus