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"The Defender"
Pantheon: Halfling
AoC: Protection, war,
Symbol: Two short swords
Home P/L/R: Mount Celestia/
Venya/Green Fields

Arvoreen, a fiery guardian of the home, firmly believes in active defense. He urges his charges to keep their burrows secure, to be ready in case of attack, and to put down danger before it ever rears its head. Though Arvoreen stops short of advocating war, he's not shy about pointing out folks who're acting suspiciously - after all, they just might be evil in disguise. To this end, Arvoreed spends most of his time in the Green Fields drilling elite groups of halfling warrior spirits: the Keepers.

The god isn't exactly a popular power, but he is respected and revered for his teachings. It's from him the halflings learn to construct elaborate systems of defense and tricks and traps to defuse enemy charges. And it's from him that they learn that a body who gives aid against a mutual foe is a friend to be rewarded and trusted.