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"The Great Mantis"
Pantheon: Egyptian
AoC: Insects
Symbol: Praying Mantis
Home P/L/R: The Outlands/the Hive (Realm)

Apshai is the demipower of insects, but there just aren't that many followers of its teachings. Sure, farmers pray to Apshai to keep fields clear of infestation, but that's about it. Though the god can retain its status as a demipower, there's little chance of it going anywhere within the Egyptian pantheon.

As for its realm, the Hive lies somewhere below the Outlands, a "safe" distance from the tunnels of Ilsensine and Gzemnid. The spot's marked by a huge tower crawling with ants, and beneath the soil lies a maze where insects of all varieties swarm over each other, devouring and destroying.

The tunnels of the Hive are said to lead to every prime material world that's home to followers of the Egyptian pantheon. 'Course, no one knows for sure how it works, because no sod that's ever gone down into the Hive has ever emerged again. Whether they're devoured, transported, or even transformed, none can say.