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"The Hound of the Dead"
Pantheon: Egyptian
AoC: Guardian of
dead gods
Symbol: Black jackal
Alignment: LG
Worshiper Alignment: LG, NG, LN
Home P/L/R: Astral/Wanders
Know Proxies: Betita Khab Human male

The jackal-headed Anubis used to be the guardian of the Egyptian dead. Eventually, though, he was in danger of slipping away into the great nothing himself and joining the other powers that had lost their worshippers and crossed over to the Astral. See, Osiris'd taken over his portfolio, leaving him nothing, and Anubis travelled to the silver void to ponder his fate.

That's where the accounts differ. Some say a multitude of still-living gods charged Anubis with guarding the bodies of fallen powers against desecration (though it's anyone's guess what kind of desecration would frighten a god). Others claim that Anubis took the duty upon himself and willingly gave up his divinity. In any case, he's not quite what he was. Fact is, he's no longer a true deity but something else - something unique among the cosmos. He has no realm on the Astral, either, just a throne to sit in and a great book in which he makes notes about the status of his charges from day to day.

Anubis still empowers his proxy, Betita Khab, to travel the Astral, tending to (and reporting on) the floating corpses. But he no longer grants spells to his worshippers. On the other hand, priests of Anubis get their magic from some source. It's possible that Anubis draws his might from the godly husks that drift on the Astral, many of which rage with dreams and yearnings of life.