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"The Night"
Pantheon: Babylonian
AoC: Darkness, night
Symbol: Black sphere
Alignment: CE
Worshiper Alignment: CE, NE
Home P/L/R: Pandemonium/
Pandesmos/The City
of Eternal Darkness
Know Proxies: None

In a place where the howling winds of Pandemonium have died to the merest whisper, a black clay brick wall seals off the entrance to Anshar's dark realm. No matter how much light a body shines in the area, it never illuminates more than 5 feet of the wall in any direction, so the structure seems endless - and perhaps it is. Only a berk who's a friend to the night can find a door in the wall, which opens into the City of Eternal Darkness. They say it's impossible to carry or create light within the walls.

The power himself is said to be easily angered and given to fits of blackest moods. Chant is he once had a great deal more strength than he does now, but he surrendered (or lost) it to Anu. The Cerilian goddess Eloele shares the City of Eternal Darkness with Anshar; some say it's to bolster his sagging power, while others think it's so she can wrest the realm from him when he finally goes down for the count.

One thing is clear: Those who tread near the City had best go carefully. There's no telling what might set Anshar off, and he's not likely to have any sympathy for sods who get lost in Pandemonium's maddening tunnels.