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"King of the Seas"
Pantheon: Finnish
AoC: Seas, waters
Symbol: Rippling wave of
Alignment: NG
Worshiper Alignment: NG
Home P/L/R: Elemental Water/
Curling Wave
Know Proxies: Alanoin Human Male Free League, "The Water dwarf" dwarven male

Ahto, the water god of the Finns, takes little interest in the matters of the world. He's more content to keep himself occupied in his realm, pondering the matters of wave and current. Still, he can be roused from his contemplation by suitable sacrifice, and if he's mowed to action, he sends either his human proxy Alanoin, or a cutter called the Water Dwarf, to take care of matters.

His realm, known as the Curling Wave, is a place of flickering blues and greens, filled with fish and orcas. Larger whales occasionally slide through the realm on their way to deeper pastures. Sea elves are infrequent visitors, and in fact, the only regular humanoids there are Ahto's water-breathing petitioners, who build undersea castles out of coral and shell. But their number is slowly waning as their god absorbs them.