Aerdrie Faenya

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"Winged Mother"
Pantheon: Elven
AoC: Air, weather, avians
Alignment: CG
Worshiper Alignments: CG, CN, NG
Symbol: Cloud with the
silhouette of a bird
Home P/L/R: Arborea/Olympus/
Arvandor; Ysgard/
Known Proxies: Willim Fairfeather

Aerdrie Faenya, the elven goddess of the air, is the race's expression of freedom and impulse. She's also the power of weather, and she delights in creating unpredictable atmospheric conditions across her portion of Arvandor. Still, she's friendly enough - but a body has to find her first. Aerdrie doesn't like being tied down to any one place for too long, and her primary joy is in feeling the air rush past her, the ground thousands of feet below.

She's far more chaotic than almost any of the rest of the Seldarine, and her worshippers and allies include ki-rin, lamasu, aarakocra, and any and all birds. Aerdrie is the closest thing the elves have to a goddess of fertility, but their dovetion to her is considerably lessened by the fact that she's also revered by other races.

The power's realm is so close to the philosophical border between Arborea and Ysgard that it moves back and forth, sometimes part or Arvandor, sometimes part of Alfheim. Regardless, it's often a place of strong wind and weather, of howling skies that force all but the best fliers to the ground. Usually, though, Aerdrie tones it down a notch or two, opening her realm to all creatures of flight, making it a place of cool breezes and light spirits.

Oddly, Aerdrie maintains almost no relations with other powers of the air, except for those who share a love of birds and freedom. But most of the human and nonhuman deities seem to have other agendas and aren't as committed to the air or avians as Aerdrie is.

The majority of her petitioners are the avariel, the winged elves. Fact is, they're the only elves in whom the distant goddess takes a keen interest, as they most fully match her vision of the multiverse. The petitioners flock around her floating palace, serving as guards and stewards for the airy power.

Aerdrie's proxies, on the other hand, tend to roam. She dispatches them to help creatures in need of freedom, sods held against their will or oppressed by law. Her main instrument in this pursuit is William Fairfeather, a basher who, unlike the stereotypical chaotic berk, has full possession of his faculties. It's just that he chooses to use them in a quest for total freedom. Aerdrie's given him the ability to create a wall of wind five times a day, and he's never hampered by any kind of storm unless it's controlled by a greater power.