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"Old Man Sea"
Pantheon: Norse
AoC: Sea
Symbol: Rough Ocean Waves
Alignment: NE
Home P/L/R: Ysgard/
Aliases: None
Know Proxies: Erik the Red

Aegir, the god of the sea, is alternately friendly and ferocious to the Aesir. He provides the deities with mead and banquets, but occasionally turns stag on them when it suits his needs. For this reason, he's not entirely loved by the rest of the pantheon, but the old power doesn't care - as long as he's included in the festivities, he's happy.

His hall, Hlesvang, is hidden beneath the waters of Aegirsholm, one of Asgard's lakes. The hall's covered with shells and whalebones, and its residents include all Norse petitioners who died drowning.

Aegir is the father of the Wave Maidens, the nine mothers of Heimdall. His main proxy is Erik the Red, a sailor of such skill that he can take his boat beyond the edge of the world and back. Erik's a friendly enough basher, but if a body crosses him, they'll literally be sleeping with the fishes.